Exclusive sunset cruise outside the Western coral-reef including aperitifs,

champagne or wine and romantic nusic.


Day Cruises and Tours

Morning boat trip to the Western surrounding islands including "Ile aux Bénitiers", with snorkeling experience to see a variety of tropical fish and corals, and observation of the dolphins - finger-lunch served on the island.

Full-day boat trip to the Northern surrounding islands including "Coin de Mire" and "Ilot Gabriel" - lunch served on the latter.

Full-day boat trip to the Noth-Eastern islands including "Ile d'Ambre" and "Ile aux Bernach" - lunch served on one of the islands.

TOURS AND activities

Discounted rates are available on demand and on package-basis.

Save on the rate per person when you travel with a group of friends or family members - applicable for morning or full-day boat trips only.

Romantic Sunset Cruises